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Decision made...Australia here we come!

I managed to snap this picture on my phone while we were at 100 Acre Woods in Hampshire during a forest walk yesterday. Few things make my heart melt like seeing how close my boys are. Yes, of course they batter each other’s heads in, argue about everything and throw food at one another, but they love each other to the core.

T1 left, T2 right

T1 left, T2 right

A few minutes after this was taken we visited the fenced-in playground with them. There are all kids of dens, wigwams, trees, forts and hidey holes for them to explore. After half an hour of watching them run around, I put E in a swing and had fun making her giggle in excitement as I gave her a kiss each time the swing came towards me. I kept glancing up to make sure the boys were somewhere in sight – I’d dressed them in bright colours to make them easy to spot.

I soon realised that I could only see T1. He was standing on a hill in the middle of the park shouting his brother’s name over and over again. The fact that T1 didn’t know where his brother was made me uneasy. I asked Husband if he’d seen him, and he agreed it was a few minutes since he’d seen him. I grabbed E, and Husband grabbed T1 and we split up, exploring all of the place he could be hiding. The more places we checked, the more my heart felt like it was being crushed in my chest. I frantically asked people if they’d seen a little boy in bright blue jeans and a stripey t-shirt but nobody had. I was just starting to feel panic seeping through my veins when he emerged out of the bushes with Husband and T1, smiling and looking perfectly happy. Apparently, he’d been following some bigger boys up a tower on the edge of the park, then they’d all slid down a fireman’s pole that left them outside the park fence. OUTSIDE the fenced-in play park!

I was relieved and panic stricken all at the same time, because I know that if Husband hadn’t found him when he did he’d have gone off looking for the park entrance and it was quite likely he’d have ended up in the woods following one of the trails. It was my first experience of losing a child, and I’m sure it won’t be my last. I’m trying not to think what could have happened and focus on how utterly cute it was that T1 was just as scared about losing his brother as I was.


Review: Agent Hunter website
Decision made...Australia here we come!


  1. says

    I lost my son once while we were in a shop. One minute he was only a few feet away looking at some computer games and then a lady started talking to me about our twins. My attention was taken away from my son and when I looked back to where he had been, he was gone! I can relate to that crushing feeling you had and the sheer panic. My husband and I went to look for him in different directions and after what seemed like an eternity we found him, in the car park looking for us! I was overcome with relief and gave my son a chat about never leaving the shop without us, and to tell a member of staff instead. It is lovely when twins worry about each other. So glad you found him and that you had a lovely walk.

    • says

      It’s so terrifying isn’t it? Although having a matching pair makes it hard to keep up with them both, at least it means you have another one to help with the search party! We’ve had talks now about what to do if you get lost – I’m not sure if it has gone in or not though. xx

  2. mummydaddyme says

    What a gorgeous pic. My favourite thing about being a Mummy to two is seeing how close my girls are becoming, more and more so every day. That must have been a scary experience, I have only ever had a slight second like that, we were in Kiddicare when LL was less than a week old and I was tired and sore from my c-section. Mads was running up and down the aisles being a monkey (hubby was with me too) and for a brief second we couldn’t find her. My husband wasn’t worried but my heart literally jumped into my throat- it was ten seconds at best and it was just because she happened to be between the aisles. Horrible though!

    Thanks for linking up. :) x

    • says

      Thanks! It’s so hard trying to balance their need for independence at this age. I wish I could keep them strapped in a buggy forever. I hate going into shops with them – not because they run off, but because they put loads of things in my basket when I’m not looking and I don’t realise until I’m about to pay for it all! Good luck with the linky – it looks like it’s going to be a really popular one. xx

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, I am dreading going thought this. Like you say, it’s kind of an inevitability at some point, but so scary.
    It’s such a lovely photo you’ve chosen though. They look really good friends and like quite a little team. Bless them. x

  4. emilybeale says

    Here’s hoping losing the boys never really does become an ‘ordinary moment’, Having three ‘runners’ I can completely sympathise. But that big squeeze of a cuddle you captured – priceless!


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