Review: Mamas & Papas Baby Bud booster seat with activity tray

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Our house is crammed to the rafters. The dining room is the worst because we have a big dining room table, my desk, some book cases and our toy racks in there. Add a bulky high chair and there’s barely room to move.

I’d been looking online at booster seats for a while, so that E could join us at the table and we could gain back some space. Then Mamas & Papas asked me if I’d like to review one*. It was perfect timing!

Baby Bud

Although I’d been researching boosters, I was still a little apprehensive about using one for E. She’s 13 months but is small for her age. I wasn’t sure if she’d be secure in the seat and I wondered whether she’d be able to wriggle around. I also wasn’t sure if a booster would fit the height of our table.

E in her Baby Bud

I needn’t have worried. The Baby Bud (£59.99) fits securely onto your dining room chair, and the adjustable straps hold your baby in securely. She looks and feels really comfortable in there. There are adjustable feet so you can get the height just right too.

E tucking into her lunch

The tray easily slides on and off and locks in place. I don’t tend to use the tray to feed her though, instead I pull the chair up to the table so she’s part of our family dinner. She’s at the perfect height to eat her food, and she hasn’t tried to push herself backwards or get out of the chair because she’s held in securely and she’s enjoying being part of mealtimes with us at last after watching from a bit of a distance in her highchair (note the high chair lurking in the back of the picture below – I’m excited to say this has now gone!)

E eating her lunch

After the meal is over, the seat is really easy to wipe clean (and if I do feed her with the tray on it’s an ideal size to put in the sink to wash). While I clear up I put the tray on and stick the activity tray onto it. She ADORES this and it keeps her entertained while I stack the dishwasher.

Playing with the activity tray

E concentrating on the activity tray

Another bonus is how easy it is to transport. When we go to stay with my parents we usually have to take the highchair with us (back when my twins were little we had to take two highchairs!) as well as all of our luggage and a buggy. Having a compact booster is going to make travelling so much easier.

We’ve got the space back in the dining room, we have a very happy baby and we’re all loving being able to interact during mealtimes. I can’t recommend this booster seat enough. E is more content than she ever was in the big highchair and I think she’ll be more likely to eat what we eat because she’s actively joining our meal times.

The chair is suitable from six months and will last up to three years, which I think makes it a great investment. I can honestly say, if I could go back in time to when my twins were little I’d tell myself to buy two of these instead of wasting money on highchairs!

* I was provided with the Baby Bud seat and activity tray free of charge in return for writing this review. All opinions are my own and are genuine.

The ordinary moments #10
Taking part in Shredtober: The ordinary moments #9


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    Just stumbled across your great blog and had to check out your review because we also just bought such one – The high chairs really sucks compared to this one right

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